TECHRISE - An online curriculum that teaches the basics of HTML/CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and a little bit of JavaScript to complete beginners. Throughout the curriculum, students create Ruby on Rails apps and learn as they build. I also mentor students through this platform online and it is one of my biggest passions. We have opened our office in Nepal and currently have many students coming in for mentor sessions every day. We aim to make a big positive impact here! :)
  äLuxuRē - äLuxuRē simplifies the consignment process. The web app allows sellers and consignment stores to engage each other in a way that eliminates many of the frustrations encountered during the consignment process resulting in improved productivity and a better customer experience.
  Tier1Golf - A social network for amateur golfers. Golfers can sign up for tournaments, compete in real tournaments, receive prizes, and be ranked online. Complete with messaging, forums, and user profiles.
  Endgame Chess - A fully featured chess application built with Ruby on Rails. I built it with a team of 5 remote developers. View source code here.