The more bugs you face, the better you get at writing code

November 15, 2016   

Some of the graduates at TECHRISE are now working on outsourcing projects inside of our company. Since the stuff they are writing is more complex than anything they’ve done at school or within TECHRISE, a lot of them are asking if it is normal to be stuck or debugging, more so than they are producing.

Every programmer goes through this experience. A mentor once told me the difference between a junior developer and a more experienced developer is that experienced developers have encountered more bugs, so they know how to deal with them.

I remember when I first started, I would spend hours and hours trying to debug a single bug. Now that I think of it, the answer to solving the bug was obvious.

At the time, I had the a lot of doubts about myself - am I stupid or is this completely normal?

It’s normal. Don’t be discouraged because you are facing bugs. The important thing is that you learn how to debug.

Once you’ve encountered enough bugs, you’ll instinctively know where the bug is coming from.